Friday, February 12, 2010

Self Trading U.K. Mixed Pallets

I recently purchased a mixed pallet of goods from I contacted Self Trading by phone to have a quick chat about the contents of the pallet and was assured that this pallet was valued at over £7,000. I spoke to a guy called Karl who seemed pretty confident that this was a great offer.
I paid just over £700 for the pallet. A few days later the pallet arrived and i could not believe what they had sent.

Pallet contents included:
4 Boxes of dusters that you could not give away for free nevermind sell.
1 Box of extension poles for above dusters.
4 Boxes of underwear. 2 white. 1 brown and yellow and 1 orange and yellow.
1 Very Large Box of didposable toothbrushes.
2 Boxes of coffee sachets.
3 Boxes of envelopes
2 Boxes of mixed nails and screws.
4 Boxes of cheap car seat belt covers.
The rest of the pallet was made up of cheap pens, stop watches and small alarm clocks/radios with no power supplies.

My advice to anyone thinking of purchasing one of these mixed pallets is too stay well clear. There's a good reason why the contents of these pallets are not listed on their site.

I contacted Self Trading to let them know i was not satisfied with what they had sent and they simply said that there was nothing they were willing to do and that was pretty much that. The tone of their reply was not what you would expect from any wholesale company or any company for that matter. They simply did not want to know. They had my money and that was that. What a complete rip off.

I hope this info will help some of you guys. I'd hate to see anyone else have the same experience as i had with Self Trading. This company should be avoided.